Bimota SB7 Restoration

At last, she is back! All of the restorations about my Bimota SB7 has been completed after 7months since the end of May 2012. We have finally completed the following modifications.
+ Replaced the original fuel injection unit with Yoshimura TMR40 carburetor set.
+ Built a new fuel tank made of aluminum.
+ Moved a battery to center of body.
+ Replaced normal wheels with Marchesini 5R magnesium wheels.



We restructured aluminum fuel tank, carburetor set, battery, rear suspension into such a tight space like this.

Here are Yoshimura TMR40 special carburetor set. I chose this large bore carburetor because I assumed that I mainly ride her on the race track with high speed and high rpm. Especially, I plan on challenging to get over her maximum speed record on the track of Fuji Speed Way.

Yeah, she got an incredible high power and a high throttle response while keeping power band of the engine powered by Yoshimura. However in return for getting such high performances, the street riding at low speed became tricky. I don’t care it because I know my Bimota SB7 was born to be a racer, not to be a city bike. But if you want to ride her on street, you should choose smaller bore carburetor for her.



Okay, now I show you the most important parts at the modification this time.

SB7kensan 001
This is the specially made spacer for turning up the carburetor to avoid hitting rear suspension.


The battery moved to here. Can you believe that the previous position was in front of handles?^^;;;

Guess what. We found cheap and nice parts as funnel filter of Yoshimura TMR40. …Yes! those are scum skimmers for cooking XD


The new fuel tank is made of aluminum. This specially handmade one brought its weight reduction and reliability improvement. Happily, I could say good bye to such a bad fuel pump placed in the tank by removing fuel injection unit this time^^


Left : new aluminum fuel tank Right : normal fuel tank

Look at this. The new handmade tank weighs only 2.1kg!


No fuel pump. No electric sensors for fuel injection system.
I believe “Simplification is the best way to motorcycle modification”^^



“Corse” titanium exhaust system, the most impressive part in my Bimota SB7. The sound of this handmade precious instrument get the rider excited everytime. To my surprise, it became more powerfully, clearly, vividly, and beautifully by replacing the Yoshimura TMR40. That sounds like Ferrari F40‘s. I never get tired of listening to it…





Marchesini 5R magnesium wheels.
Front : 13kg >>> 8kg
Rear : 15.3kg >>> 12kg
This conversion got a big result of 8kg weight reduction totally and got a sharp handling like a lightweight racer. Once I lean my body and shift weight to inside shoulder, the bike shifts its direction very quickly. I really feel my Bimota SB7 size became smaller like Bimota DB1 than before while riding.

Here is the front wheel of Marchesini 5R. We needed very hard work to convert it because we couldn’t use normal speedometer gear and had to look for a new one that the size fits. As a result, we found a close one and adjusted it to correct size. Now the speedometer displays exact value:) Can’t wait for our max speed challenge on Fuji Speed Way!

Finally, my dream came to fruition after 4 years.
This is my ideal Italian 4 cylinder engine racer, the best motorcycle in the world!

I really want to thank SilverBird Makino-san who helped me on this project all the time.

4 thoughts on “Bimota SB7 Restoration

  1. naqiuddin

    nice bro…i also have bimota sb7..but now my bike can’t start due to ECU u have any idea where can i get the ECU?much appreciated if u can help

  2. jeff solberg

    Very nice. I have an SB7 as well, all stock. I have questions about the fule tank. Would it be possible to be connected with who made it for you? Thank you

    1. Ken_Works Post author

      Thanks. My motorcycle friend made the custom-built fuel tank for my SB7. I’m not sure he would make another one.


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