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Trona Pinnacles

My comrade recommended me to visit Trona Pinnacles before I go to US trip this September. That place is located in the midst of California Desert, so I needed to drive quite a long time in the desert by my rental car. And, I mistook the road once LOL But, hey! Finally I reached there and had a great experience. Look at the really impressive landscape!
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One Star Hotel in Paris

At the last trip, I stayed usual cheap hotel that is located between Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est. I always stay here when I come to Paris. Single room with toilet and shower was only 50 euro per one night. Cheap and clean:) But, I couldn’t get any hot water sometimes. One day, I found out that there wasn’t any roll of toilet paper (it was like hell). There was not any elevator even though my room is in the 6 floor. The staff of the hotel spoke only français(no English). And, they had not amiability LOL However here is close to train stations, and the view from here is good. I don’t dislike here.
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