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Too bad it was a rainy track day in Fuji Speedway due to a typhoon approaching. The track was in terribly wet condition, so I decided to cancel riding my Bimota SB7. I only polished my bike up, started her engine, and enjoyed listening to her blipping sound in the pit. …I REALLY WANTED TO GO FULL THROTTLE ON THE TRACK:(

Will try it again next year, definitely!
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Motegi MotoGP Track – Onboard Footage

The other day, I had a great time to enjoy riding my Bimota SB7 at full throttle on the MotoGP Track of Motegi. I really wanted to ride her on the racing track because I have always been frustrated with quite a slow speed riding on the street. I can’t enjoy listening to her exciting racing exhaust note more than 10,000rpm at all if I observe traffic laws. Once I accelerate her at full throttle, we can get to 150km/h easily at the second gear! That’s too dangerous to maintain my driving license^^;;; So, I really felt refreshed riding on the MotoGP track. OKay, I’ll share you my great experience at that day. Check the following onboard footage shot from three different angles with GoPro Hero3. Enjoy the fantastic exhaust note at 13,500rpm!
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Bimota SB7 Restoration

At last, she is back! All of the restorations about my Bimota SB7 has been completed after 7months since the end of May 2012. We have finally completed the following modifications.
+ Replaced the original fuel injection unit with Yoshimura TMR40 carburetor set.
+ Built a new fuel tank made of aluminum.
+ Moved a battery to center of body.
+ Replaced normal wheels with Marchesini 5R magnesium wheels.
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