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#67 de Havilland Vampire

ee8c3d3ecc70a20b34c9675599ea2cb7British old soldier participated in the Jet Class of Reno Air Races 2010. This is the jet fighter de Havilland Vampire that had made more than 50 years ago in UK. The race number 67 debuted as an air racer in Reno Air Races 2009 under the glare of aviation fan’s attention and came over to Reno Stead Field in this year again!

I was very excited at the races of #67 because it fought battles bravely against rivals more than last year. Actually, this old soldier falls behind in the thrust force of jet engine compared with other jet racers. However, the pilot of #67 countered high powered rivals with very low flying and minimum turning. “Fly Low – Go Fast – Turn Left” This is the air race exactly.
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V-22 Osprey (Must See Video)

7158d622d0705e91ee8a9935013111edV-22 Osprey in Reno Air Races 2010. This was the first time I met up with her and I really have been wanting to watch how to STOL take-off for a long time. So I stood by her to shoot the scene with my video camera GH1 since early morning on the departure day. Yes! I did it!! I succeeded in shooting her through all the detail from the engine start to the take-off. Must see following video!
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C-17A Spirit of Kamehameha-Imua

A special Boeing C-17 Globemaster III came over to Reno Air Races 2010!
She is the “Spirit of Kamehameha-Imua” coming all the way from Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. This was the first time I met up with her and I was really excited at exploring the inside of C-17. It was the great experience that I could sit on the captain’s seat! Anyway, don’t forget to check the following video of C-17’s short landing and reversing. …Reversing!
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